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Charity & Sponsorship

Africa is a poor continent, and most of the South African people are living in dire poverty. In the rural area most of the children can only have one meal a day and go hungry at night.

alexandria creche 1 - johannesburg

The education system is very poor and kids often need to walk up to 10km every day to reach their nearest school which under normal circumstance is overcrowded and under founded. Teacher also are most of the time under qualified to do their job

The youth unemployment is sky high closing near to 40%. The prospect for their future is not always bright mainly because of a corrupt government, lack of vision and lack of leadership at the highest level. This is the current reality that most of the South African are living on a daily basis.

Throughout my working experience I was blessed and helped by few individuals. It is now time for me to give back to the community what they richly deserved..

Here below some of the charity that we are proud to be associated with


Olivers House

Tilulu Arts & Cultures Centre

Bethesda Healing Ministry – Eldorado Park / Soweto

We are dealing hand on with all the above organizations and we can organize at any time a visit of their organization, township, church, arts centre or others