Nature & Wildlife

Before taking a trip to South Africa, one need to know that there is more to South African wildlife than the celebrated "Big Five". The same way you will know that the country is racially diverse, even in the wild there is that same experience of diversity, from big to small, meat eater to ant eater, primate to reptile. South Africa has an abundant variety of animals in the wild and in captive.

South Africa's bird life

South Africa is ranked as one of the top birding destinations in the world. The country is offering a supreme combination of variety of birds, well-developed transport networks, and a user-friendly and supportive birding tourism industry. Apart from the resident birds, South Africa is a custodian to a number of African migrants such as cuckoos and kingfishers, as well as birds from the Arctic, Europe, Central Asia, China and Antarctica during the year.

From Big Five to Little Five

Interestingly tourists coming to South Africa are always keen to see the country's celebrated Big Five (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino) neglecting a wealth of smaller wildlife. In remedying this, some clever people came up with another must-see list, which is called the Little Five: elephant shrew, ant lion, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver and leopard tortoise.

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