Tailor-maid Tours

  • 3-4 people & more: $CAN 1500/person
  • 2 people: $CAN 1600/person
  • We welcome people from all age.
  • We normally limit the number of people per visit to a minimum of 2 & maximum of 6, but we can accomodate bigger group on request
  • All childrens under the age of 8 are eligible to a 50% discount
  • All prices above are based on a standard 14 days stay and you will be quoted seperately for all extra days
  • People with lite to medium handicap are more than welcome.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
privetae tour


We only accept booking no later than 6 months prior to your arrivals but highly recommend to book a year in advance to secure all the best accommodation across the country.


Booking your stay inside a chalet in the Kruger Park camps are done a year in advance in certain area.

If you are more on the adventurous side and choose to do camping, it will give you more flexibility and allow us to do your reservations with shorter notice.

In any other circumstances, we can also make your booking a little bit further from your main visiting site. But it is important to note that this option will increase your daily travelling time.


Inland transport can be at time very tedious.

Here in South Africa we drive to the left, the law of the road may differ from your country of origin and some drivers (specially the taxis) can really cause havoc on the road.

With our tailor-made package, no need to worry, your dedicated guide will be with you at all time and will drive you around in all the comfort required.

If your duration last longer than 2 weeks, we can discuss some of the available possibilities and do the necessary arrangement.

What your Tour Package Include

  • Complete planning of your holiday in South Africa
  • We pick and drop you off at the airport on international and local flight within South Africa.
  • Breakfast, lunch, supper (excluding meal at the restaurant and the cantine)
  • Inland transport by car, car insurance & fuel expenses for all travel done in a radius of 700km from the OR Thambo Airport
  • 24 hours local tourist guide at your disposal
  • Your private chef
  • Your accomodation in Pretoria
  • Basic language course in Zulu / Sotho

What it Excludes

  • Airplane fare, international & local
  • All accommodations fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Medications & others
  • Binocular and all others accessories
  • Everything else not mentioned in the includes section

What we Organize for you

  • Where to stay: we will recommend and book the best suitable place according to your taste & budget.
  • We give you a check list of essential things to bring
  • We do organize your malaria tablet on request
  • Your daily menu according to your preference

We can Supply on Request

  • Camping gear
  • Bicycle
  • Binocular
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