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A Typical African Holiday

Day 1 – Your arrival

south african flag

It will probably have been a very long trip upon your arrival at O.R Tambo airport in Johannesburg. You can be assure that we will be there to welcome you warmly and we will bring you to a quiet place in one of the Pretoria suburb where you will be able to rest.

Day 1 – Pretoria

Church Square

After a good night of sleep you use this day to relax and recuperate from your jetlag. But whoever which to visit the surrounding suburb, will be welcome to accompany us to the shop, mall, bank or others. We can also do a quick visit to the union building which give us a superb view of Pretoria Central.

Day 1 – Pretoria

Church Square

This is the day where we start getting slowly into action. After a nice early breakfast, it is time to go to the bank and do all the necessary preparation for your trip to the Kruger Park.

In early afternoon, we will drive about 40min outside of Pretoria to visit the Lesedi Village, one of the best cultural experience in the entire South Africa. After this visit you will feel like a real African...

In the evening we will have a light meal and a braai (barbecue) with a nice South Africa spirit. Later in the evening, we will be making our last preparation to the beginning of your grand African adventure.

Day 2 – Kruger Park

Kruger Park

Prepare yourself for a very long but amazing journey. Our time of departure will not be later than 5AM in the morning, so make sure to be ready. We anticipate your arrival to the Numbi gate at the bottom of the Kruger Park to be around 9AM in the morning and to arrive at your final destination, the Letaba camp, at around 17h00 in the afternoon. The travelling distance between the Numbi gate and the Letaba camp is only 216km, but we have to take in consideration the speed limit of 40km and the many stoppage to view the many different species of animals. It should be a very rewarding day and you will probably have seen most of the wildlife. In the evening, your guide will spoil you with a simple but delectable bush meal and you will definitely be sleeping well in the quietness of your magnificent surrounding.

Day 3 – Kruger Park

Kruger Park

Relax and enjoy the view. The Letaba has a magnificent view of the Letaba river where the animals come to drink by. If you feel like moving around, we will take you on a road trip to the Olifant camp which offer a stunning panoramic view of the river. On your way there, we will be travelling on the dirt road to increase our chances of sighting and to view some baobab.

Day 4 – Kruger Park

Kruger Park

Once again relax and enjoy. At this stage, you should have fully recover from your jetlag and feel at peace with your inner self and you will realize that your experience as truly started. Once more, you can take a trip around the camp and travel on the various road in search of this elusive sighting. In the late afternoon, we recommend that you go for a night drive with one the ranger. They can bring you in places that we can’t, and sometime it brings amazing result.

Day 5 – Kruger Park

Kruger Park

This is the time to migrate to the Paul Kruger Camp down south (biggest camp). It is important to note that the high section of the park, has less vegetation then the south part. There’s always a debate as to where you will have the best chance to have a sighting. In the north, with less vegetation, it is easier to see animals from a far distance. In the south, where the vegetation is more luxurious, it offers a higher animal density but with a lesser sight range. It is therefore the reason that we like to split your trip in two half to give you the best of two worlds.

Day 6 – Kruger Park

kruger park giraffes

At this stage, you will have probably see so many animals that you will become accustomed to see giraffe, zebra and elephants on a regular basis. You surely will feel satisfied with your experience and it will be the right time to depart and begin your next adventure.

Day 7 – Blyde River canyon & Panoramic Route

Blyde River canyon & Panoramic Routerk

We will drive you slowly to the Aventura resort in the Blyde River canyon where our arrival should be around 15h00. It will give you enough time to settle in and to experience a wonderful sunset at the canyon.

Day 8 – Blyde River canyon & Panoramic Route

Blyde River canyon & Panoramic Routerk

Swimming, put put, horse riding or go take a three hours walk in the gorge of the canyon which will offer you a variety of wildlife never seen before.

It will be the perfect day for your guide to prepare a pootjie koos, one of South African main and most appreciated dish.

Day 9 – Blyde River canyon & Panoramic Route

Blyde River canyon & Panoramic Routerk

Our departure to Pretoria. On our way back home, we will drive along the panoramic road where you will be able to view the canyon from a different angle. This trip will also bring us in sighting view of at least two major water falls where we will rest and enjoy a light meal.

We will also pass by Gods Window which give us, on a clear and sunny day, a view take can reach up to Mozambique. We should arrive in Pretoria close to 18h00.

Day 10 – Johannesburg & surrounding

Johannesburg & Surrounding

Sorry, no time, to rest. Today will be a big day. First stop, the Lion Park. This is only if you which to see some more lions and if you would like to visit the nursery where you can interact with the cubs and baby cheetah. If you had enough of the wildlife, we can bring you on a tour to one of the many township on the outskirt of Johannesburg.

Let’s now go to the Apartheid Museum which will give you an in deep overview of the South African history, with a special focus on the apartheid regime and the end of it.

Soweto, here we come! Let’s visit the Mandela house and go for a nice African meal at one the local tavern in the middle of Soweto. Good African music and great atmosphere.

You day will probably only end in the early evening and It will be time for you to go sleep and get some well deserve rest.

Day 11 – The Drakensburg

the drakensburg

For the second time during your trip, we will have to leave in the early hours of the morning. Preferably no later than 6AM.

Our trip will take place along the secondary road to make sure to see all the beauties of the Drakensburg. You will be staying into a tranquil and rustic place with a magnificent view of the mountains.

Day 12 – The Drakensburg

drakensburg mountains

You can do horse riding, cycling, walking or just enjoy the view. You may even see some eland and springbook close by. For the most adventurous, you are more than welcome to hike the top of the Cathedral Peak (3000m), one of the highest mountain which offer you a superb view of the Lesotho.

Day 13 – Natal & the Indian ocean

natal the ocean

Your trip to the north coast of Durban is one of the most amazing cultural experience to live. We will take the secondary road across the Zulu homeland and progress through its different hills and beauties. In late afternoon we will finally arrive to the Indian ocean where you will enjoy a nice sunset at the coast.

Day 14 – Natal & the Indian ocean

natal the ocean

This day will be there to enjoy the coast and the comfort of your place. You can also enjoy a nice walk along the beach or in one of the many natural reserve available on the coast.

Day 15 – Natal & the Indian ocean

natal the ocean

On this day we have many option available. A visit to the crocodile farm, the uShaka marine world or for the aventurers: diving, fishing, microlight flying, paragliding, etc.. It will be your choice to do one, or many of these activities.

Day 16 – On the road

KwazuluNatal zebra

Your African experience has now come to an end. It will be with a lot of sadness that we will bring you to the Durban airport but we great joy knowing that you will leave us with so many good memory and with one of your greatest travelling experience and we hope to see you again in the near future.

This part of the trip, is for the lucky traveller you will have the chance to extend their trip for another 3 days.

Day 16 – Cape Town

Cape Town Peninsula

We are now in in the city of Cape Town! A city considered to be one of the most visited cities in the world and for all good reasons. The city is surrounded by mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Its architecture! The top of the Table Mountain is a perfect spot to view the whole city of Cape Town in one go. Over 800 000 tourist go up the Table Mountain using the Aerial Cableway yearly.

Apart from the Table Mountain of Cape Town, there is the most famous Robben Island. Robben Island is an island in Table Bay. Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there for 18 of the 27 years he served behind bars before the fall of apartheid. Robben Island has been used for the isolation of mainly political prisoners. The Dutch settlers were the first to use Robben Island as a prison, and now the place is used as a Museum.

Day 17 – Cape Town


In the beautiful city of Cape Town there are a lot more beautiful things than just the city, the Bo-Kaap area for an example. This place is formerly known as the Malay Quarter. It is quintessentially a Township, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre and is an historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town.

Bo-Kaap is traditionally a multicultural area loved by many. The area is known for its brightly coloured homes and cobble stoned streets. In the area there is a museum called Bo-Kaap Museum.

Day 18 – Cape Town

Cape Town Peninsula

This is the last day of our trip right? So let’s make the last impression last the longest. Cape Town and the surrounding coastline offer some wonderful beaches, but none are more interesting and more beautiful than the Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. Enjoy viewing and playing with over 2000 endangered African Penguins.

Boulders Beach forms part of the Table Mountain National Park with the best view of the city, but for the best penguin viewing experience, Foxy Beach is the place to be, just a short stroll from Boulders Beach.

At the end of this experience you will be able to answer this question;

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