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Durban & Indian Ocean

KwaZulu - Natal is a world in one province, to the North of Durban you will find the best of African game reserves and pristine beaches, to the West lie the majestic Drakensberg Mountains and temperate Midlands while to the South there await superb golf courses, fishing spots and miles of subtropical coastline.

Durban is blessed with balmy weather all year round, making it a perfect holiday paradise, attractive millions of tourists each year. The beachfront is surrounded by five-star hotels and luxury apartments, all of which have a relaxing view of the Indian Ocean. It offers a lot more than beautiful, golden beaches, it is the centre of world-class sport and hosts major international events.

durban indian ocean

Known as the Kingdom of the Zulu, KwaZulu - Natal is a melting pot of African, European and Indian cultures. KwaZulu - Natal offers superb beaches, sunny weather, game reserves, rolling green hills, numerous sugar cane plantations and relics of the great battles in South African history.

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