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Western Cape Province

Situated in the south-western part of South Africa, is the Western Cape Province. It is the fourth largest of the nine provinces in terms of both area and population, with an area of 129 462 km2 (10.6% of South Africa), and 5.8 million in population which is over 11% of the country’s population. 49.7% of the population speaks Afrikaans, 24.7% isiXhosa, 20.2% English. About two-thirds of the provincial dwellers reside in the metropolitan area of Cape Town, which is also the provincial capital. The Western Cape was created in 1994 from part of the former Cape Province, and the province is roughly the size of England or the US state of Louisiana.

western cape

The Western Cape is roughly C or L-shaped, extending north and east from the Cape of Good Hope, the south-western corner of South Africa. It stretches northwards along the Atlantic coast and eastwards along the Indian Ocean coast. Both the historical noble Robben Island and the fantastic Table Mountain are found in the province.

A R376.3 billion Gross Regional Product, which is 14.1% of the country’s GDP makes the province the joint 2nd largest contributor to the country's total GDP. It also has one of the fastest growing economies in the country. The province also boasts three internationally acclaimed universities, namely the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University and the University of the Western Cape. Also the province has the most highly educated residents with a very skilled workforce in comparison to any other African region.

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